Friday, 24 April 2009

Lost in Forest Wild part 2

Here's the second installment of my story, 'Lost in Forest Wild'. A three part tale composed of 10 silk paper cuts (see Part 1 dated March 10 below). It's inspired by fairy tales, nightmares and childhood memories of walking through dark woods as a dare.

The story continues:-

Having wandered aimlessly for a long time, our foolish hero, Daniel, finds himself lost in a forest. It's a dark and hungry place with not a breath of fresh air nor the rustle of a rabbit in the grass. All is dead or that's what he thinks it is. Gradually Daniel becomes entwined in thorny branches and long strands of grass. It's only when he realizes that he is being attacked that he tries to flee. But it's too late. The trees have woken and are desperate for lunch!

One ancient gnarled tree will do anything to get Daniel. With all its strength it quickly encircles the boy, stifling his screams. Shapes in the branches seem to suggest other, equally terrifying beasts.

Sharp scratchy tendrils tear into his flesh and overwhelm the poor boy. They cut down to his bones and greedily drink the life force within him.

Poor old Daniel. The tree has absorbed him into its pithy flesh. He almost looks like an apple as his face becomes ossified and grainy. Does he have a chance to escape I wonder?

Check in soon to find the answer to Daniels dilemma!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Daniel is swept away

I have a real problem finishing work off. I spend hours designing and cutting a piece, then when the cut is almost done I get bored with it (or is it fear?) and so I put it to one side and leave it until another time. This piece has been hanging around for about a year and I've finally gotten around to finishing it. Yippee!
As usual it is a silk paper cut (red and gold silk paper mounted on white). This time I experimented by adding an extra layer of gold silk behind the red image to emphasize the flowing water.

The story is simple, but as yet unresolved. Daniel, the clumsy boy he is, has tumbled into a raging torrent. Swept away, his calls for help are unheard above the roar of the water.

The waves see their chance and crash down on him pulling him deeper under the water.

Daniel is overwhelmed and gives in ... or does he? Is this the end for my hapless hero? I don't think so ... I have some ideas as to how he escapes, but I'm not gonna tell!