Saturday, 21 January 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon!!!!

Welcome to the New Year of the Dragon! Here’s another recent paper cut to celebrate this auspicious event. Here my character Daniel plays with fire works and is blown over by the terrific bang. 

Another of my Daniel characters rides on the Dragon. He holds a string of firecrackers in his hand, but he’s not really aware how dangerous this really is.  Behind the dragon water pours and flows and rain falls from the sky – This is after all the Year of the Water Dragon.

My cockroach characters are in danger of being washed away by the water, so they’re trying to escape by clinging to a rocket as it shoots skywards.  Are the cockroaches aware that the rocket will explode? Who knows? Cockroaches do have the knack of surviving just about anywhere.

This paper cut along with many others of mine is currently on display at the Suho Paper museum in Taipei. More on that next time!


Friday, 6 January 2012

 I’m sitting looking out of the window. It’s raining and when it rains, here in Taipei, it sometimes doesn’t stop!  This means the roads get very wet and in parts it’s like a flood. But this doesn’t deter the bikers who drive as crazily as ever… until… that is… they collide with another scooter and come to grief in a large puddle of water.

Here’s a new silk paper cut entitled ‘No Kiss!’ it’s one of a series of silk paper cuts that focus on a more irreverent look at my life in Taipei. 

Two scooter riders hit each other head on. OUCH! or are they kissing? Their head to head clash also looks like a Chinese Opera mask.

Here’s an unlucky rider lost in the water.

This silk paper cut along with many others will be in my upcoming show. Details below.

January Art News:- I'm starting off 2012 with an Artist in Residency at the Taipei European School. I'll be working with the Year 9's on a project to celebrate Chinese Lantern Festival.
I've also got a one man show opening on Friday January 13th. Unlucky for some (but not for me I hope!). It's at the Suho paper Museum in Taipei.