Sunday, 14 August 2011

Kirie of the World 2011

Keeping a blog is much harder than it seems. Putting up interesting posts regularly requires the writer to be disciplined and focused. Unfortunately at the moment I am neither!! Must be the summer blues!

Now back to my silk paper cutting art. Currently I am exhibiting with 7 other paper cutting artists in ‘Kirie (paper cutting) of the world’ at the Fujikawa museum in Japan’.

I traveled there to attend the opening a few weeks ago. An awesome experience. Here’s a video to commemorate the show. See if you can spot me. I’m the middle aged British guy wearing a black shirt who at one point wears his paper cut on his head!

The main building of the Fujikawa Museum

Some of my newer work on display. See my previous post for a description of the work.

IIt’s great to see my work alongside such talented paper cutting artists Aoyama Hina, Tatsumi Maasaki, Beatrice Coron, Bovey Lee, Andrea Tezso, Patrick Gannon, Rehane Favereau, …..and myself.

From L-R Patrick Gannon. Tatsumi Maasaki, Aoyama Hina & myself

Artists' demonstrations - Maasaki

Artists' demonstrations - Hina. Her work is unbelievably small!

When I finished my demonstration piece I gave it to this gentleman who'd been patiently watching.