Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Long March paper cutting project

Several years ago I saw an installation of paper cutting from the county of Yanchuan in Shaanxi province. It involved a group of Chinese artists from the Long March Project working with local people on a paper cutting project. The variety of images produced was stunning. However, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that 4,000 local paper cutters were involved! After years of searching the web I’ve found maybe 20 artists working in this medium and they’re of all nationalities. But to have 4,000 (predominantly female) paper cutting artists in one Chinese county is amazing. Then I discovered that in this part of China paper cutting is a very important skill for women to have as it demonstrates artistry, patience, creativity etc. All attributes that make finding a good husband all the more easier. Check
out these two links for more information Link 1 Link 2

More recently the Long March Project artists have been working with educators and schools to come up with a paper cutting curriculum for schools in the area. The Long March artists see this as a way to search for possibilities through which folk culture and art can effectively express and continue Chinese traditions. Take a look at these students’ hard at work or click here for more info

Thursday, 22 May 2008

You Make My Day!

You Make My Day Award. Yay!!The badgers are grinning in their dark setts tonite as they proudly acknowledge that they have made someone’s day. This doesn’t happen too often as they’re secretive animals and don’t try to attract too much attention. The ‘You make my day’ award has been bestowed upon them by the most excellent Tokyo based paper cutter Patrick Gannon. The badgers will celebrate with an extra helping of soft squidgy, moist slugs.

Many thanks Patrick.

Here are a couple of pics taken at last weeks opening of the art and antiques show. All photos taken by Roma Mehta. It was before the opening started so everyone was quite sober.

The (also most excellent) curators Philip & Milena

Some of my work

Artists Thomas, Michelle and (right) Constance. Guest Vikram (sitting)

Prish and friend with Thomas' paintings
The opening went well. Lots of contacts were made and fun was had by all. Not sure what was sold as I concentrated on the wine and chatting!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Art and Antiques

Been out of the loop for a while following the sad passing away of my Father-in-law. Anyway I’m back and trying to get focused again on art and life.

Some of my more decorative pieces are part of a show coupling traditional Chinese antiques with contemporary fine art. Eight artists are showing. I haven’t seen how they are going to marriage the art and antiques together yet, but I'm curious to find out as there is a lot of art and a lot of antiques to stuff in. The opening is this Friday, May 16, so if you are in the Tienmou area of Taipei drop in, chill out and check out the art. Food and drinks will be available.

Here’s one of the pieces on display. It’s part of a series on the theme of ‘Elements’. This one is air – moving, flowing, rising, falling, cooling, twisting, etc. It was cut in four colours of silk, then painstakingly cut up and re-assembled. Boy oh boy did it take a long time!