Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Art and Antiques

Been out of the loop for a while following the sad passing away of my Father-in-law. Anyway I’m back and trying to get focused again on art and life.

Some of my more decorative pieces are part of a show coupling traditional Chinese antiques with contemporary fine art. Eight artists are showing. I haven’t seen how they are going to marriage the art and antiques together yet, but I'm curious to find out as there is a lot of art and a lot of antiques to stuff in. The opening is this Friday, May 16, so if you are in the Tienmou area of Taipei drop in, chill out and check out the art. Food and drinks will be available.

Here’s one of the pieces on display. It’s part of a series on the theme of ‘Elements’. This one is air – moving, flowing, rising, falling, cooling, twisting, etc. It was cut in four colours of silk, then painstakingly cut up and re-assembled. Boy oh boy did it take a long time!


Mike Hemsley said...

Hi Tim! Sorry I can't be at the opening tonight - I hope it's going well. Art and Antiques sounds like your kind of 'do'! I like the new work in this entry - did you end up with several of them in the variant colours? I'm also curious - are the large flowers chrysanthemums? I note that the central one has been badger-eyesed - FAB!

Gillian said...

Wonderful artwork, as always. Are the colours all different layers, or pre-painted then cut in-between? Hope the exhibition goes well.

Sorry to hear about your FIL. My sympathies to you and your wife. x

Tim Budden said...

Thanks for the condolences Gillian. Much appreciated.

Mike. To answer your question Yes there are three variants of this particular design. Same shape different colour combos. As to the flower - I'm sorry my flower vocab is zippo. It's basically a cartoon flower, but yes there are badgers' eyes in there. They get everywhere!


Doodlebug said...

This is a complete treasure, and well worth the time and artistry put into it. I wish I had more time to admire all the details, but I'm off on vacation soon.

Thanks for visiting my blog! My next goal in learning this papercutting art is to feature more works like yours and create some kind of permanent gallery and papercutting resource links on my blog. You will certainly be on that list!