Monday, 22 March 2010

'Rice, Metal Bowl' Restaurant

I’ve just put up a new silk paper cutting in the window of a restaurant in Luodung, a town on the north east coast of Taiwan about an hour’s drive from the capital, Taipei.

Owner Ben (now ex owner!) gave me the opportunity to create a piece for the large front window of this renovated merchant’s house turned restaurant.

I like this restaurant. I like the spirit and passion that created it. I like its naturalness, the history, the wood, the atmosphere, the people and I especially like the front window!

The piece itself contains many stories and layers of meaning. It is about the year of the tiger and the coming of spring. There are symbols of spring everywhere - butterflies, flowers and birds. It’s a sign of hope and renewal. Trees on either side rise up and support a roof. Look carefully under the eaves and you’ll see two birds nesting. Is this Ben and his wife, Ivy preparing for the birth of their Tiger child?

At the bottom there is food that steams and wafts, its aromas evolving into plants and flowers.

There are the playful boys – they are everywhere! One boy holds bowls of his favourite food whilst another is trapped inside the tiger. Was he eaten?

The piece was cut in a way that the colours are different when viewed from inside or outside. I used a mix of silk paper and coloured paper in the work. Go here to see more information in Chinese about the restaurant.

Thanks to Lee Mooney for helping with taking the pictures.