Monday, 20 October 2008

Kako Ueda

Kako Ueda is a Japanese artist who, for many years, has made her home New York. She cuts in paper and does something that I've been experimenting with recently (so far UNsuccessfully!) and that is painting on the paper cut.

Some of her work is mounted and framed, but some cuts are pinned to the gallery wall which emphasizes the organic nature of her work. It only took one glance at her website to realize that some of the work she produces and some of mine have great similarities.

Her heads, full of organic stuff, are like some of the heads I have produced in the past.
Here's one of Kako's.

But compared to hers mine is quite restrained.
A couple of mine.

I love the energy and visceral nature of the complex designs she produces and then to add colour to emphasize all of the above. It's Hot stuff!! Check out her website

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