Thursday, 5 February 2009

Silk 'n' Moleskine

I've always liked the feel of a new sketchbook with it's fresh smell and the potential of so many blank pages. My choice has always been a Moleskine sketchbook as it is the prefect artist's objet d'art - perfect size and beautiful paper (check here for more info on artists who use Moleskines). The first thing to do was to put my mark on it, so I glued a silk paper cut on the front. Now my Moleskine is sitting here, in front of me, waiting for the artist's first scribbling. But this artist is afraid lest he might despoil the purity of the white paper! WhatamIgonnado?!!

The new Moleskin is on the right. On the left is a collage of an exploding Dancing Boy made with scraps of silk paper. Why exploding you ask? To be quite honest I have no idea!


WCL said...


John Speight said...

Very inspiring. I want to rush out and buy a moleskine. Love all the artwork as well!

aimee said...

ah, the torture of the moleskine! it seems so yummy just sitting there blank and therefore it's hard to put down that first line. but yours look fantastic! your work is encouraging me to do more with papercutting - i've done some, but nothing of your caliber.