Sunday, 24 May 2009

Show Opening

These are pictures from our 'successful' opening last weekend. 100 guests turned up - they drank all the wine, ate all the snacks, created a fantastic atmosphere, but didn't buy much!!! Despite that we all had a fantastic time. We were lucky enough to have Mia and Scott from Moving Sound give a performance.  They were joined by singers Ayesha and Anya. My work became  backdrop to their atonal chants. Truly wonderful music!

This large hanging piece "Lost in Forest Wild' (version 1) seemed to attract most attention. I put it at the last moment just to what it would look like. Other works which I laboured over (especially the framing) didn't get half as much attention.

General views of the opening. 

The 'culprits' (l to R) Debby, Thomas, Roma, Me

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CL said...

"Lost in forest wild" is also my favorite. It's really beautiful with an unusual focusing power. I think it is an amazing piece.