Friday, 3 September 2010

Butterfly Blast!

This 100cmx100cm silk paper cut is the biggest and most detailed thing I’ve ever cut. Entitled ‘Butterfly Blast!' here is the piece at my current show. The daybed is where the owner treats customers to tea. Cut into a 230 x 100cm silk paper scroll the piece can be used as a wall hanging or a screen.

Butterfly Blast! shows many butterflies in a woodland setting. The Butterflies are arguing, bickering, fighting, pestering, pushing and pulling. What is it that they’re fighting about? The answer is simple - they’ve forgotten! Now it’s become a habit that they’ve got used to. In fact it’s become a ritual dance!

Gently moving shadows make it seem the butterflies are flitting.

The chaotic energy of the whole piece

A detail.


Mike Hemsley said...

I put a shot of this wonderful work as the background on my pda screen. But this morning I looked at it and the butterflies seem to have flitted off.

Tim Budden said...

In my experience if you sing a classic punk song they'll come a flittering back!

John Speight said...

Hi Tim! This is STUNNING!I love everything about it.Happy new year by the way.