Friday, 16 December 2011

Earth star

Earth star is the last of the current series of paper cuttings entitled Floating Worlds. It’s also the biggest and most complex of the series.

 It took almost 2 months to cut and paint.

Approx 80cm in diameter  this complex organic world floats aimlessly. Inside there are tiny creatures that live there. Are they trapped or are they the rulers of this kingdom?
At the last count there were 24 beetles and one butterfly!

 Here you can see Earth star's shadow projected onto the wall behind.

This piece along with four others from this recent series of paper cuttings will be exhibited in January and February of next year in Taipei.... but more on that nearer the time.


Dorota said...

Simply magnificent! Let me know where and when we can see your latest pieces of art. Have a great holiday season!

Bridget Robbins said...

OH WOW, this is phenomenal! Gorgeous structure and color...very invierno/winter-y. LOVE IT

wcl said...

Beautiful and full of imaginary metaphors which make me wonder how far our mind can reach... the spheres are twirled with all kinds of moving energies and intricate, mystical colors... unable to hide in the darkness of the universe... lonely yet with own unique charm.

Anonymous said...

I love these kind of floating cloud paper-cuts Tim !

Ashley Love said...

Well, these designs are simply beautiful and i like it very much. Also my children have like it too. I really appreciated it. God Bless you!