Monday, 14 May 2012


Inspiration comes to me in all kinds of shapes, forms and experiences. So what’s inspiring me at the moment? Well, I was lucky enough to travel down the East coast of Taiwan for a couple of days. A walk to a waterfall where monkeys played in the trees brought me to a beautiful place where there were many butterflies fluttering around oblivious to the rain. There was the butterfly wing I found lying quite beautifully on the ground. 
There were the rotted leaves with only their veins showing. Nature's own version of paper cutting.

Then there’s the urban side of things, here in Taipei. A three-day festival for a god (or gods) has just finished in a nearby street. All kinds of noises echoed round the neighbourhood – firecrackers, horns, brass bands, karaoke and plenty of gongs. 

While at night the nightriders race their souped up bikes along the streets near here. Could they possibly be doing this!

Finally - The Zen of motorcycle riding!

I’m not sure how all these things will enter my work but it’s this process of gathering and keeping the images in my head, adding more imagery and mixing them all together. Then they start to make all kinds of weird and wonderful connections.  Images fuse together and I get an idea for a drawing. I’ll let you know what comes of all this inspiration. 

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