Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Daniel's Path

It took a while, but here’s Daniel’s journey so far. Cut in silk. The work is not finished yet and I haven’t decided how to mount it. The story reads from the bottom left and the bottom right – then bottom centre up to the middle then out to the mid left and right. Finally moving up to the top centre at the top of the tree where Daniel gazes up into the blackness (this is one part I have yet to complete. What’s he looking at?). Here's a poor picture of it. The silk cut is in fact squared up and symmetrical, but when I was trying to photo it the wind just kept blowing the goddam thing around!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the wind answers your question. What Daniel is gazing is probably the wind which will bring him up to the unknown darkness! The upper part of the whole artwork reminds me of the famous ancient cave art in China.

Tim Budden said...

Maybe you're right, but I'm pretty sure he's attracted to the light after being trapped in the tree's scratchy, dark heart.