Tuesday, 26 February 2008

An inspiration in my life

This is the culprit and inspiration for my Joyful Boys' silk paper cuts! My son, Adam, has an amazing dance that is a kind of therapeutic acting out of some scenario or idea he has in his head. Like those trance like tribal dances, he is completely oblivious to those around him. However when you ask him what was going on he doesn’t reveal some deep spiritual connection with some higher being, it’s usually him fighting a monster or some kind of wild ‘Polar Express’ like train ride!

Such is an eight year old’s mind.

Adam’s movements are coupled with the Taoist principle of experiencing new things through the mind of a child (awe and wonder). These are the elements that create my joyful boys. Their bodies are full of cosmic energy (and badgers) as well as wide eyed innocence. Check out my website for more Joyful Boys.


Gillian said...

Hello Tim - thanks for visiting my blog. I'm honoured to have such a fine artist dropping in. Your work is amazing!

You could maybe sell your offcuts on Ebay - we cardmakers would grab at them.

I'll be back.

ms. froggie said...

i'm with gillian! fantastic work! and your lil "blighter" - what a lil man! what a dancer! i totally see the polar express connection in his moves!

thanks so much for the visit! :)


Bernice said...

Tim Congratulations!!! on the site & blog! It's fantastic, love the pics of Adam too. Will e mail you more when I get a chance

Tim Budden said...

Thanks for all your encouragement. It has warmed the cockles! I'll have to research the whole e-bay thing. All seems very daunting.
I cut Adam's hair t'other day. He begged me to do it 'cos it was making him itch. Guess what? He loves it. I dare not tell him he looks like he got his head stuck in a pencil sharpener and then twisted it a few times.