Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Living in Taipei

The grey murk of a long spell of torrid winter weather has finally lifted and the sun has magically reappeared to reveal Taipei in all its ‘splendid glory’. There’s a hint of sarcasm there, but just a hint. This silk paper cut done just over a year ago is called Bugs, Bowls ‘n’ Bikes. It incorporates four elements of living in Taipei, which is where my family currently lives. Starting from the centre are the bugs which during the summer are found happily scuttling around the streets, but most annoyingly in my kitchen!
Then there’s the food. Watching freshly cooked noodle soup on a cold day is a wondrous steamy sight.
Finally there’s the over abundance of motorbikes which are everywhere and I mean everywhere. You’ll find them zipping along the sidewalks and even in the middle of quiet parks someone will try to make a short cut across the grass.

Surrounding all this is a ring of grey misty cloud which represents Taipei’s hot humid weather.

It's all a mish mash of exotic sights and smells which even after living here so long don't fail to stir the senses. Hope you enjoy!


Jazmin Velasco said...

Wooow, nice stuff you have here. You have I patience I will never have.
Thanks for showing the details I would've never noticed them...

Thanks for your visit and comment in my blog. I'll see you around.

Gillian said...

I certainly do enjoy what you do. That is quite stunning.

Is silk paper a bit like mulberry paper but smoother?

Thanks for making me laugh yesterday, by your blog comment. x

William said...

"The grey murk of a long spell of torrid winter..." Can't wait to you see what you create in response to the pallid languor of a steamy summer.

Tim Budden said...

Gillian - the paper really is silk used in the mounting of Chinese scroll paintings to protect them when the paintings are rolled up. It has a paper backing which holds all the threads together and makes for clean crisp lines. Yum!

William - As Billy Crystal said, "The night was hot." I'll stick with that.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Wow, Tim! Your paper cutting is amazing!!!!!! I love the modern take on ancient paper cutting.

That paper silk sounds as if it would be quite interesting to experiment with.