Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Butterfly Lamp

FINALLY! After months of dithering I finally finished making this lamp. I cut the image out of silk then glued it to the inside of a white lampshade and voila! It’s done, finished, and complete. The reason I’m so happy is that my studio is littered with half finished projects which sit around gathering dust. At least there is now one project less to worry about!

The lamp is 55cm high and is lit by two light bulbs. Only when the light is on will you see the silhouette of the silk cut. When the lights are off only the white lampshade is visible

As with a lot of recent work my fascination with elaborate butterflies continues. In this one the butterflies float on wafting breezes.

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WCL said...

This is really surprisingly beautiful. You have done a great job.

Mike Hemsley said...

The idea that the cut only appears when the light is switched on is really cool!

Nela said...

After all you mada a lamp. Beautiful!

John Speight said...

Absolutely beautiful work!

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Superb art. This has made me simply speechless. Outstanding and intricate work with immaculate details. Such a beautiful lantren. It should have taken a lot of time.