Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Cut Line

What! It's 2010! Why didn't anyone tell me? Why didn't I know? Oh yeah, I remember, I've been stuck in my studio buried under an ever increasing number of silk paper cuts. I'm preparing for an upcoming show, the opening reception of which is Saturday Jan 9th 2010. Please come if you can. It's at Starts Gallery and is open on Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday (2:00 - 6:00pm). Here's the address

地 址:台北市和平東路二段28號B1,1F & 2F (一樓與地下室展示場) (二樓演講廳)
28, Section 2, Ho Ping East Road, Taipei

Here are some pics of my studio in its clean state! You should see it when I left yesterday - I had to shuffle, duck, twist and stretch to get out of the place.

The ever prolific Beatrice Coron dropped by the other day to say hello and see what I was up too. Based in New York she was on a flying visit to Asia so dropped in to see her old friends in Taiwan as well as me. She showed me some of her amazing paper cutting art in the form of artist books, fans and a self made magazine. This is an artist who is totally dedicated to her art! Check out her comprehensive website to see what I mean.


wcl said...

Been there; done that. The exhibition looks cool. Wish a nice reception/ opening for you. You have been working so hard.

David said...

hi tim brillant art hope you can come home this year miss you xx