Thursday, 5 August 2010


Just took a month long pause to visit home in the UK. From the sweaty tropical balm of metropolis Taipei to the cool greenness of the deep Dorset countryside. What a contrast!

Here are some textures that I discovered and that will at some time or other appear in my work I hope.

The trip was divide between countryside....
and sea

The skeletal remains of a half eaten but still alive leaf held together by thin sinewy threads.

The energy displayed in the seeming solidity of wood always amazes me. The way the surface flows hints of a time when there was much struggle.

I love this lump of softened mudstone crammed full of rock. You can often find fossils in this grey mud.

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Mike Hemsley said...

These great shots of transformations of the elements earth, air and water end up - quite naturally I reckon - with you headed into the sea and sky on a very ancient trackway!