Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pink Mist

Pink Mist is the fourth paper cut from a new body of work.

I’m still trying to figure out why and how this new body of work came about. I think it is a reaction to the highly rigid structure of my paper cuts.  For these new pieces my inspiration came from a number of sources -
  • Decaying leaves, full of holes and patterns. yet still strong and complete. Trees that grow in random and chaotic ways.

  • Working on experimental paintings with the most excellent Thomas Ebele. His working methods involves pouring paint and letting it create the imagery. For me this was an attempt to play with colour and random abstract imagery. Here’s an example of his work ‘Bull by the horns’ 2008.

For Pink Mist I poured, dribbled and splashed paint onto paper. Then I started to cut into it using the paint marks as my guide. Into this I also added some imagery – a butterfly trapped in the web of branches.  

By cutting and carving into the paint the work becomes sculptural  and the shapes, lines and colours take on new meanings. I then work into the paint to highlight and emphasize the flow, shapes and colours.


Lee said...

Intriguing, Tim. The layers, patterns, and colors draw the viewer in and, for me, create the impression of peering into a microscope.

Bridget Robbins said...

AMAZING, amazing stuff. Truly in awe; Patrick Gannon sent your name my way. You're replicating nature in a fascinating way!