Tuesday, 8 January 2008


This is Daniel. He’s part of the new direction I’m working with my cuts which I suppose is story telling. Anyhow Daniel is a central character in the story so far. Daniel was in a past life a badger who’s now been reincarnated as a boy who just seems to get lost all the time. However, the echoes of his badger past always stop him getting into too much trouble.

I cut Daniel in 4 colors. Here he is in gold silk. In this cut he is caught amongst some fierce looking branches in a rather foreboding forest. He’s being grabbed and torn at on all sides. Daniel’s torso is full of energy and he has heart. He’s a passionate boy, don’t you know. He’s also very careful with his hair, which again is an echo of his badger past. Badgers are well known for the distinctive black and white stripes on their heads.

This is the first cut I’ve also added writing too, which now is much easier to do than in past failed attempts. Maybe it’s because I have a greater understanding of the engineering needed to keep a silk cut together.

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