Monday, 21 January 2008

Silk paper cut hommage to a great restaurant!

There’s a restaurant in Taipei that has to be the best dumpling restaurant in Taiwan. Not only for the food but also the noisy, chaotic atmosphere and the fact that you can see the many cooks preparing food in the steamy kitchens. The dumplings are cooked in baskets piled high on steamers. When done waiters carry these stacks of baskets around the restaurant delivering them to the customers. The restaurant also does a great noodle soup with coils of pale noodles and a spicy soup full of shredded egg and meat.

In this silk paper cutting called ‘Ding Tai Fung’, four dancing boys pay homage to the food and atmosphere of this place. The four boys are reacting to different things they see that hopefully emphasizes the noisy hubbub of the restaurant. On their heads they balance stacks of baskets and in their hands they hold bowls of noodle soup, the steam of which rises and envelopes them.

Just writing this is making me feel hungry!

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea you posted photos to further demonstrate where your inspiration came from. The whole composition is really beautiful. But you should take real,nice pictures of food in Din Tai Fong(鼎泰豐). I will enjoy reading your blog more!