Monday, 28 January 2008

Daniel's Whimsical Adventure

Here are some sketches for a Daniel story I’m working on at the moment. I try to make the sketches as detailed as possible because I need to work out how all the elements physically connect to each other. Otherwise the silk cut might fall to pieces during the cutting process. That’s why paper cuts are full of decorative elements whose sole purpose is to hold everything together. I’ll probably cut it in black silk.
It tells the story of a young Daniel wafting carefree, blown by gentle breezes.

Unaware of where he’s going he finds himself caught in a tree and is dragged into it.

Sucked upward into the tree Daniel finds himself trapped in the tree’s core. He’s scratched and scraped but not down…just yet. His past life as a badger has left something in him and he manages to break out.

Daniel escapes the core and heads towards the light. Once free, he clambers into the open and enjoys his freedom once again. He climbs upwards to get closer to the sky, waiting to be carried away on a thermal of soft warm air.

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wcl said...

A journey or adventure?
To find freedom or meaning of life?
What confuses him?...