Monday, 29 December 2008

A walk on the wild side and then dahn the river!

I've just had a story published in a magazine here in Taipei. Based on an actual encounter with a territorial wild boar in the mountains of Taiwan, it tells the tale of how two lost, hapless middle aged expats escaped a terrible ordeal by the skin of their teeth! I illustrated the story with two silk paper cuts.
The first cut called 'A walk on the wild side' shows the lost duo being pursued by the 'man eating' wild boar and fleeing for their lives!!

The second cut, 'Dahn (Down) the river' shows the two still lost, but making their way down a river as they know it will lead them to the ocean nearby. In hindsight it was the hidden dangers that could have caused more serious problems, especially snakes that like to hangout on river banks. Luckily it was a cool day so they were hiding. Search carefully and you'll see many hidden creepy crawlies lurking in both pictures.

As usual I cut the illustrations using red silk paper which was then mounted on white silk. Gold silk was added to the water in 'Dahn the river' to emphasise the turbulent flow. If you want to read the full story of this 'epic adventure' click here and you'll find my article on p18. Enjoy!

Oh, and before I forget... Happy New Year for 2009!


wcl said...

Happy New Year!!! I like the gold cut behind the red one. It's arranged and matched perfectly from the top all the way down. The layout is full of balance and variations(water,Taiwan's wild plants and animals..)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

very nice paper cutting! mine are just so much simpler when I ake them ... and basically just masks for screen printing!

(I traced you back from commenting on my blog. Nice to see some talanted men out there ... mostly I just "encounter" female bloggers)